GX Assist Detox – Sinus Wars

So I got another sinus infection (surprise) and this time decided to do something about it. They (sinus & ear infections) have been happening for a year now (see Justin’s doTERRA story) and I refuse to keep going like this. That’s why I did what any one would do…start a full body detox! Okay, maybe you wouldn’t do that, but I felt it was the right thing to do.

In order to chronicle this correctly, I am making a short video each night throughout the process to record what happens each day. While writing this, I am in the middle of day three. It has been a “fun” experience, but totally worth it. I discovered that Eucalyptus oil does wonders for reducing sinus pressure (just use it consistently and in good quantities) on a whim the second day. I’ve learned that I like Grapefruit oil in water much more than Lemon. I am already feeling much better.

Check out the GX Assist Detox – Sinus Wars videos on our YouTube Channel and watch me act silly, but finally feel better after a year of suffering.

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Father of three. Husband of a beautiful wife. We love using doTERRA essential oils and hope you will too!
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